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Jun 5 11 3:57 AM

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At 09:08 Sunday, June 05 4439, ORE completed VO's first player-owned Trident Type M.  It has been a team effort all the way, starting back as far as the introduction of the Fused Composite Plating mission introduced at the first conquerable station.  When further missions were introduced at the other 2 stations, ORE diligently produced a stockpile of each component.  When the Trident Type M mission dropped ingame, we had several hundred fused plates and synthetic silksteel ready to go, as well as enough Master Computers and Optical Sensors of each type to allow for any contingency.  Even at this stage, ORE was relying on the good will of multiple guilds who were using the stations as group combat training and beginning the war that seems to have arisen over these resources.  Although we held all 3 stations for several months before people acted upon the realization of their importance in the manufacture of the first capital ships, we eventually had to dance a razor's edge of neutrality to keep production moving.  We must thank guilds on all sides of the conflict: PA, ONE, Itan, TGFT, ACE, VPR, and even THC and FR allowed us access while they held the keys, and recognized we were non-combattants in terms of station defense or conquest.

In-guild, I must thank the entire manufacturing team:
Thetis, Wonko, Axiom, Tanii, Joe Alt, Geecoo, Grobrim, Merg, Roberto Koomercisto, and easytarget all made tremendous contributions.

Friends-of-ORE who volunteered hauling, donated trade goods and fused plates, and provided escort for our vulnerable rear-ends include (forgive me if you helped and I forgot... brain is mush!):
Ninjr, Tirish Annau, Chocolateer, Baekma Goji, Purity Control, Patrizio, Star Buck, Styles Bitchly, and oldbird.  Also, Footballprophet was the most cooperative and enthusiastic of mercenaries, eargerly attacking ANYTHING that popped up in sector while hired on, wether it presented a threat or not...

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