May 2 11 7:22 PM

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Greetings, Roughnecks - my name is Typherion Septis and I am the commander of the Red Army... or rather, I will be the commander of the Red Army, a Serco nationalist guild, which will be forming shortly. In light of the immanent formation of the Red Army, it is my duty to introduce to you our principals and position toward your own organization.

The Red Army is the only Serco nationalist guild devoted to winning Deneb,   killing   the   Hive,   protecting   our   xith   cargo,   and   capturing known criminals and enemies of the state. The Red Army is actively enlisting   new   recruits and all Serco and citizens of the United Independent Territories in good standing are invited to enlist in the Serco military and join the ranks of the Red Army.

The   Red   Army   recognizes   the   need   for   inter­stellar cooperation and as such regards peaceful trade organizations such as Orbital Rock Extraction [ORE] and the Guild of Free Traders [TGFT], humanitarian   relief   groups   such   as   Emergency   Mechanical   Services [EMS], and inter­stellar law enforcement agencies such as the Vipers [VPR]   as   non­hostiles:   Itani   pilots   serving   in   the   aforementioned groups, agencies, and organizations will be treated respectfully and will not be harassed – neither in Serco space, nor anywhere else.

The Red Army values strength and honor above all else. Strength is found in open combat   –   the   Red   Army   does   not   conduct   surprise attacks, deceive its allies, take part in piracy, kill easy targets for sport, promote terrorism, or engage in non­consensual Player­ vs ­Player warfare (also known as griefing.) The Red Army does not grief low ­level pilots or harass easy targets for sport – there is no honor in the easy kill.

Any member of the Serco Empire or citizen of the United Independent Territories who has engaged in piracy and who wishes to join the Red Army may be permitted to join but must first announce to the Vipers (http://www.viperguild.com/)   and   to   the   Vendetta   Online   community (http://www.vendetta­online.com/x/msgboard/14)   that   his   or   her   days of piracy are over. Any Red Army member who returns to piracy will be expelled and black­listed from the Red Army forever and his or her actions will be made known to the Vendetta Online universe.

The   Red   Army   does   not   engage   in   piracy   except   to   capture   purified xithricite   ore   as   part   of   the   Capture   the   Cargo   contest   and   the ongoing campaign against the Itani Nation. The Red Army does not sell its services to pirates and privateers – the only master we serve is the Serco Empire.

The   Red   Army   primarily   communicates   on   the   in­game   communication channel   /520.   Channel   520   is   chosen   in   remembrance   of   the   May   20 (5/20) Victory Day over the Itani on Terra II in the year 2853 AD. You may reach me through channel /520 on most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but I may also be available on other days of the week.

I invite you to learn more about the Red Army and its goals at the Red Army Bulletin: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/redarmybulletin/

Strength and Honor, -Typherion Septis