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Nov 11 09 10:28 PM

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Peace be upon you.

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Nov 12 09 1:29 AM

May it be so simple, Maalik.  Peace be upon you, too.

This may have been intended to be posted in the station bar, where all are welcome, but as it was placed elsewhere I felt such an portentous message, from Council of a guild whose members have preyed upon us, might lead to an understanding between us if posted here.

At present we can only deal with [CHRN] on a case by case basis:  Some members of attack the [ORE] tag on sight, even to the extent of hunting us in nation space, others present demands and negotiate in good faith, while still others, before joining you, had even been valued ORE customers, happy with our services.  Until such time as CHRN offers unified terms to ORE, we will continue to leave each incident up to pilot's discretion, and expect that the actions of one member of either guild do not warrant retribution on all members of the other.

Between you & me, personally, Maalik: Peace. (Unless sporting combat is called for!)

Now, what can our barkeep mix up for you?

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Nov 13 09 2:43 PM

I am here only representing myself.  I find guild diversity to be heartening and thus I wish you all the best.  However, if you wish to solidify terms between our guilds, I believe I can facilitate a discussion.

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Nov 28 09 11:41 AM

I agree with CD I would like to see formal terms between CHRN and ORE.

My "vision" for ORE is to be the number one provider of mined ore  to VO. I see customers not pirates, itani, UIT or serco.

If the game is to move forward the VO economy will need to be fixed. That means realistic supply and demand based on logical production chains. At the bottom of all these chains is ore. The basics are already there with missions to produce alloy's such as visimetal.

Fixing the economy will mean that the guild system and faction system will on take a more realistic role in the game.

So agreements made now may serve all parties well in the future.

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