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Nov 4 09 1:02 PM

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Hello Ore!

Is this your one year anniversary on the founding of ORE? Congrats, time does fly by! We at ONE wish you all success in your activities. Hopefully in the future we can schedule some joint anti-hive/ mining operations. Until then may your holds always be full and your travels be storm free!

Best regards,
-Folks Dokaris Lt., ONE

P.S. Can I try one of them "Xithricite Mojito's" while I'm here ;)

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Nov 5 09 1:24 AM

Thank you, Folks!

A round of Xith Mojos for the Lt!

We are fast approaching another, perhaps more portentous, anniversary:  the "Second Forging" of ORE occurred on Fri Dec 19 at 10:38:41 server time.  We'll have to have a few more Mojitos before I bore you with that long story, but suffice it to say, that is when ORE became my project. 

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