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Nov 2 09 4:06 PM

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Hello ORE,

I'm here to extend the hand of friendship on behalf of the Synthesis Guild [SNTH], as we would like to propose an alliance. I have spoken with Conflict Diamond briefly, who asked me to introduce myself to you on your forum, so here I am. :)

We believe that an alliance would be beneficial to both our guilds, as both share a similar political outlook and yet both have quite different (and complimentary) missions. We propose that you offer your minerals to us at a discount rate, perhaps say 50% off, and we will provide our services at the same discount. If you wish to alter this percentage I would suggest that we match it. For example if you would like to provide us with a 20% discount, then we shall do the same for you. We would also be willing to consider a military alliance, in which we will fight to defend one another from attack.

For clarity - our services include escorting, and courier duties. Our prices can be located here:

Further information on SNTH -
Our guild prioritises trading, and we're based in UIT space - we aim to accrue resources and credits through prodominantly peaceful means (though may attack competing Itani corporations' NPC convoys on occassion). We are extremely hostile to pirates that threaten trade networks, but otherwise remain neutral or friendly to most organisations. Both of the founders (of which I am one) have entered the Serco-Itani war on the side of Serco, but rarely take an active role at present. We are also willing to assist in the escorting of players or convoys if you need to bulk out your numbers.
Of course we are in the trade business, so we would require some form of compensation should significant assistance be required.

It would be appreciated if you would nominate an ambassador to Synthesis, who would register on our forum here:

I would suggest your Commander Conflict Diamond, as we have spoken already, however whomever you deem suitable is fine. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Thank you for your time, fly safe!

- [SNTH] Lieutenant Restayvien

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Nov 5 09 5:31 PM

From the [SYNTH] forum:

"We are a new guild, and as such do not currently have an active presence in VO. Once we have nine council members in addition to our two founders we will begin operations."

We will be happy to discuss inter-guild relations once you have actually formed.  We wish you all the best in creating a stable and active guild.

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