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Oct 18 09 7:18 AM

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RULE 1: You must love mining.  ORE members are required to keep their mining license their highest level by +1 until level 10, then can be tied for highest.

RULE 2: You must have a paid vo subscription, and play your ORE character regularly.  New members will be expelled if inactive for 1 month, unless the absence is discussed and approved by Command.  Veteran miners are allowed longer lapses, but must be announced on the member's forum.

RULE 3: No Pirates. Reformed pirates can apply, but must post on the vo RP forum and the VPR forum that they have given up their rough & rowdy past for the quiet life of a miner.

RULE 4: No nationalists. We are a multinational neutral guild.  Participation in Capture the Cargo, Border Patrol or Border Skirmish missions is not allowed while you wear the [ORE] tag.

RULE 5: No Roid Boiling.  strict temperature limits of 100 K for rocks, and 150 K for ice containing any xithricite, apicene, lanthanic, pyronic, denic, pentric or heliocene.  Base ore rocks limit 200 K, ice 300 K.

RULE 6: What happens in the guild stays in the guild.  Mining locations, guild finances & operations, member alt identities, etc. are privileged information.


We accept new members on three different tiers, entering as apprentices, journeymen (or journeywomen), and Masters.

Lic. level MAX:  2/2/1/2/2
Basic Miner I
Player must swear they are applying with a first and only character
Player must /mentor invite a member of ORE council or command
Membership is probationary, and steady progress towards Journeyman.
Initiation fee is waved.

Lic. level min:  5/4/3/6/7
Basic Miner II, Helio II, Pentric II, Denic II
Player must swear they have 2 or less alts, and no pirate alts.
Initiation fee: 1,000,000

Lic. level min: 7/6/5/8/10
Basic Miner III, Helio III, Pentric III, Denic III
A Veteran Player must disclose any other guilds they are in to command officers.
A veteran player must disclose any pirate alts to command officers
Initiation fee: 4,000,000

Any and all entrance requirements are subject to change, exceptions, or contingencies at command and council's discretion.

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capt usa

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May 15 12 1:45 PM

Player name: Keeper of the Record (Itani)
Levels : 4/5/4/8/4
Badges: Vet hive hunter 1(396 till Vet HH2), Basic Trader 3( 6.9K till BT4), Basic Miner1 (11.8k till BM2), Helio 1 (450cu till Helio 2)
Timezone CST
VO sub every 3 months auto resub
played about 1 month so far
just started MP missions(serco space)
Itani: respect, Serco admire, everyone else neutral

100% disabled retired USA O-4

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