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We mine for the pure joy of mining, for the satisfaction of an honest day's harvesting the 'roids, for the survival of our kind in the cold depths of space.  Without the raw materials to build ships and stations, refine fuels, even process air, we could not live. Even the Serco and Itani who have home worlds for refuge could not support their spacefaring populations without asteroid mining. For the UIT and grey space corporations, the airtight metal shells forged of these minerals are their only homes.  

Obviously, the ongoing border war between the Serco & Itani add to this constant demand, as does the violence of grey space. The corporations fight to beat their competitors while fending off pirates who prey upon their supply & delivery convoys. However, the potential riches are not and cannot be our primary motivation.  There are far faster and far easier ways to make credits, but credits are meaningless.   We survey, prospect and extract our very existence from these rocks, and the ores we stockpile are the true "coin of the realm"

Beyond why we do is what we do:  [ORE] follows "The Way of the Cool 'Roids".  We follow strict temperature limits on high-value rare-ore rocks, allowing full cooling faster so that all miners can pull more.  A member caught or accused of "Roid Boiling" will be investigated diligently and if allegations are substantiated, disciplined harshly to the point of dismissal.  Non-members can expect to be pushed out of mining range if found afk on a 'roid over our temp limits, and summarily executed if repeatedly found intentionally "cooking" a rock.

We are a multi-national and politically neutral organization, doing business across all borders and with all manner of clients.  Without requiring our members to curry favor with enemies of their respective nations, we do insist they abstain from military missions and nationalist provocations such as CTC.  We help all nations and factions realize the full potential of their local resources, and will often hire out to both guilds and individuals to increase the output of their mining operations.  Our surplus stockpiles are offered for sale both at our storage sites and for delivery. Large-scale orders beyond our current stock levels are available thru formal negotiations.

If [ORE] can be said to have a mortal enemy, it is the Hive.  Untold swarms of rogue AI bots are robbing every nation and faction of their raw materials to feed automated factories which turn out yet more and more drones.  It is a cancer that threatens all systems, therefore we regularly stop all mining and prospecting activities to stem the infestation of more sectors and systems, beating them back to their central hives, and whenever possible, hunting the massive leviathans therein. We shall take the 'roids back from the bots!

Of less danger to our mission, yet more persistently annoying to our daily work are the criminals who believe they have every right to coerce unarmed mining ships at gunpoint, and the psychopaths who only want to scavenge our debris.  Traditionally we have dealt with these pilots on a case-by-case basis, often agreeing to reasonable terms politely negotiated.  However, the rise of organized and aggressive piracy, encroaching into nation space more & more, has threatened our ability to remain neutral.  For now at least at the guild level, and if not carefully handled, at the faction level in the future.

We might be miners at heart, and crusade against the hive to further our mining, but who doesn't love a good duel now & then?  ORE miners participate in consensual PvP for training purposes, when the opportunity arises.  The only pilots who can expect a shoot-first greeting from us are the pirates who have proven... impolite.

If you love mining, consider joining [ORE]. If you don't like mining, consider hiring [ORE] to do it for you.  See you out there!

Conflict Diamond
Commander, Orbital Rock Extraction