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apprentice miner

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Aug 15 14 7:01 AM

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Character Name: dark2cosco
Character Nation: UIT
Current License Levels: 1/1/0/2/1
Faction Standings: SERCO = neutral, ITANI= neutral UIT= +682 (admire)  TPG= +755 (admire)
Accomplishments: Basic trader I and fighting to miner I
Subscription Status/Length: 3 months payed
How long have you been playing VO? 1 week
What Timezone (+/- hrs GMT) are you in?  What hours do you usually play? GMT +1 / 2h every day, and 8-12 hours at weekends and holydays (8 p.m - 12 p.m)
What are your favorite ingame activities? Mining and tradeWhat are your least favorite ingame activities? pirate activities
Why do you think we are the guild for you? because you are a lot of members, and you can help me to learn to mine ore, and i like the mining activity
Why do you think you are suited to us? because i like this guild and i wanna do activitties with your guild
What do you hope to see your guild accomplish? hope the best equipment for mining, and do it with this guild!
What do you hope to contribute to the guild? i play a lot of hours  and i like minning, i can contribute to mining and protect minning ships with all ppl.
How many other characters (alts) have you given significant game time to developing? (no names, just levels and nations, and perhaps role-playing approach for each for now.  Alts are not out of the question, but we do want active characters) anyone
Have you or are you now a member of another guild or guilds with this or any alts?(no names just yet, just how many) anyone
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