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apprentice miner

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Jun 17 14 2:39 PM

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Character Name: CoppercobraCharacter Nation: UITCurrent License Levels: 1/1/0/1/1Faction Standings: Itani: neutral, Serco: neutral, UIT: Admire, TGT AdmireAccomplishments: hive hinter 1, trader, n/a for combatSubscription Status/Length: buy subscription todayHow long have you been playing VO? 1 weekWhat Timezone (+/- hrs GMT) are you in?  Eastern time zone
What hours do you usually play? 8am to 10pm 
What are your favorite ingame activities? Killing collector botsWhat are your least favorite ingame activities? Ion storms ( died 4 times while flying thought one)Why do you think we are the guild for you? Help my mining skill and maybe my light weapon skillWhy do you think you are suited to us?
I love to mine!!!!
What do you hope to see your guild accomplish?
Destroying  all the hives and taking back the universe.
What do you hope to contribute to the guild?
Protection, and help mining
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