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Jul 9 13 9:53 PM

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Character Name: Vera

Character Nation: Itani

Current License Levels:1/1/0/2/4

Faction Standings: Itani: Admire / Serco: Hate / UIT: Respect / TPG Corp: respect

Accomplishments: Hive Hunter 1 / Basic miner 1

Subscription Status/Length: 1 Month recurring

How long have you been playing VO? About a week, i love the game and are accomplishing many goals

What Timezone (+/- hrs GMT) are you in?  What hours do you usually play?

What are your favorite ingame activities? Mining and Exploring different asteroids for Xi ores

What are your least favorite ingame activities? Combat with other players

Why do you think we are the guild for you? I love mining and supporting other players. makes the game even more fun.

Why do you think you are suited to us? I can support mining projects and hopefully trident construction. Which is my top goal in the game.

What do you hope to see your guild accomplish? Be the best mining guild in vendetta, (as it is already) and be a wonderful community

What do you hope to contribute to the guild? My Support in all mining endeavors and bot clearings and what ever else need be.

How many other characters (alts) have you given significant game time to developing? (no names, just levels and nations, and perhaps role-playing approach for each for now.  Alts are not out of the question, but we do want active characters) i don't have any other characters Vera is the main and only character.

Have you or are you now a member of another guild or guilds with this or any alts?(no names just yet, just how many) 1

Are you now or have you ever been a pirate? Again, not out of the question, but there are issues to discuss to make a guild who often flies unarmed comfortable with a pirate's alt in their midst. No, never have and never will

Other interests, gaming or otherwise? tell us all about the player: I raise a garden. i love raiseing a rose garden and other flowers

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Jul 10 13 8:31 AM

What timezone are you in?  what times do you play?  I'm usually on GMT 0500-0800, but not every night (PST here) during summer.

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