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apprentice miner

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May 29 13 2:35 PM

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Character Name: Emisten Bessestia

Character Nation: Itan

Current License Levels: 1/1/-/1/2

Faction Standings:  Itani Admires, Serco hates, a few dislikes but mostly nuetral.

Accomplishments: Nothing to be proud of, but I finally got mining up to two last night. 

Subscription Status/Length: Bought the one month subscription, but will upgrade next month.

How long have you been playing VO? A few days on and off, been completely alone while trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

What Timezone (+/- hrs GMT) are you in?  What hours do you usually play? PST, usually around 2 in the afternoon till six or so, but I am flexible, and have time on my hands so I can jump in almost whenever.

What are your favorite ingame activities? Mining, of course. Saved up for a proper mining vessel, but their must be additional reqs that I haven't met yet.

What are your least favorite ingame activities? Still trying out new things, haven't experienced a lot yet, but combat with iPad isn't easy.

Why do you think we are the guild for you? I enjoy mining, and I believe this guild can help me learn to be better.

Why do you think you are suited to us? I am focused solely on mining, and hopefully get a grasp on trade, and I am dedicated.

What do you hope to see your guild accomplish? Excellence in all we do.

What do you hope to contribute to the guild? Time and effort, not to mention a quick study.

How many other characters (alts) have you given significant game time to developing? (no names, just levels and nations, and perhaps role-playing approach for each for now.  Alts are not out of the question, but we do want active characters) 0

Have you or are you now a member of another guild or guilds with this or any alts?(no names just yet, just how many) 0

Are you now or have you ever been a pirate? Again, not out of the question, but there are issues to discuss to make a guild who often flies unarmed comfortable with a pirate's alt in their midst. No.

Other interests, gaming or otherwise? tell us all about the player: I enjoy gaming of all sorts, fishing, and music. I sing and play the trumpet and bass guitar.

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master miner

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May 31 13 1:46 AM

go after Basic Miner 2 badge (15,000cu ore mined & sold) to gain access to the Behemoth Heavy Miner MkII.  

I'll look for you in-game during your stated play hours.  I am also PST, but tend to play latenight and wee-hours.  Have patience.

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