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May 7 13 9:44 PM

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Date : 5/7/13

[FAMY] Westacular has made it quite clear that he does not see [ORE] with neutrality under any light
and that [FAMY] does not need nor require [ORE] services in the future.

If [FAMY] would enslave [ORE] to warranties then why should [ORE] provide any service to [FAMY]?

(Westacular destroyed two of my Behemoth XCs for failure to submit to [FAMY] warranties)

~ [ORE] Steel Reserve

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May 8 13 11:32 AM

They are pirates.  Neutrality does not enter into it.

 When faced with a pirate, you either pay, run, or attack.  Avoid mudslinging on 100 or via PM.

Wes and his alts (BluBludMon and RedRumRepoReaper), and any pro pirate, are experts at working the faction system in their favor.  Make sure you know the consequences of killing or dying in any sector.  When he is about, don't fly XC's in grey, or anywhere you are less than admired.

Paying is not a shame.  carrying capship parts represents time and effort that credits cannot replace.  while you are building, you will want to avoid being labeled "no payment option" by pirates.

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