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May 4 13 11:29 PM

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Character Name: IzzyBrikz

Character Nation: UIT

Current License Levels: 1/1/0/1/1

Faction Standings: Union of Independent Territories and TPG Corporation admire me. Corvus Prime dislikes me, everything else is neutral. 

Accomplishments: none yet I'm really new

Subscription Status/Length: Full member monthly subscription of 9.99

How long have you been playing VO? about 2 days

What Timezone (+/- hrs GMT) are you in?  What hours do you usually play? I play eastern standard time and I play random hours depending my hours at work but if I had to say anywhere from 3pm to 3am est.

What are your favorite ingame activities? so far I like doing the courier jobs but mining seems really interesting and by what I'm hearing I think I can do well.

What are your least favorite ingame activities? Don't really have any least favorite like I said I'm really new.

Why do you think we are the guild for you? Well like previously stated I think I can do fairly well as a miner the grind is what I'm about in mmo's so if you give me a shot I'm sure I won't disappoint.

Why do you think you are suited to us? I'm a grinder and a team player, I'm sure I have tons to learn but I'm also a quick learner.

What do you hope to see your guild accomplish? Teamwork, stable environment, and also to maintain the great name you guys already have. 

What do you hope to contribute to the guild? anything I'm asked of, I'm great at following orders and maybe one day that'll transfer to me being a great leader my self but I'm down for the heavy duty work that comes with being a rookie.

How many other characters (alts) have you given significant game time to developing? (no names, just levels and nations, and perhaps role-playing approach for each for now.  Alts are not out of the question, but we do want active characters) No alts, in any game I play I like to establish my main character before I even think about making an alt.

Have you or are you now a member of another guild or guilds with this or any alts?(no names just yet, just how many) No I haven't and no I'm not.

Are you now or have you ever been a pirate? Again, not out of the question, but there are issues to discuss to make a guild who often flies unarmed comfortable with a pirate's alt in their midst. No I'm only 2 days old

Other interests, gaming or otherwise? tell us all about the player: I'm not really good at playing many games at once I usually just stick to one at a time. In real life I work and go to school I maintain myself so I'm as independent as it gets. I also play baseball very good at it and I'm very passionate about it my one true love!

Thank's for taking the time out and reading this I hope to hear from you soon!  

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May 8 13 11:10 AM

Hi IzzyBrikz,  I'll try to catch you in-game this week.  Ask on ch 100 if anyone has seen CD, the usually gets my attention or a PM from someone who noticed.

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