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Apr 3 13 6:35 PM

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I'm now level 4 mining and I still can't get a decent ship.
I have nearly $1M credits, but that is of no use.
The ships all have: Special Personnel Only tags, WTF?

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master miner

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Apr 19 13 8:58 AM

"Specially Sanctioned Personnel" means you need either faction standing (se wiki), a badge (accomplishment) or to complete a mission or mission "tree".

If you are looking at the Behemoth Heavy Miner you need the "Basic Miner 2" badge (not license: you must mine and sell 15,000cu of ore) You should have Basic Miner 1 by now (500 cu mined and sold).  These badges now allow ore delivered to missions (mining, crafting, etc.)  The Moth Heavy Miner mkII requires Basic Miner 3 which is 50,000 cu of ore mined and sold.

If you click on your basic miner 1 badge it will tell you how many you need for the next badge level.  Unfortunately it doesn't have a way to tell you how close you are to basic miner 1 if you don't have it, but 500cu is easily done.

I keep looking for you ingame but have yet to see you in chat.  Any time you are on ask in 100 if there are any ORE on and try to chat up any members you meet.

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